Avocado Sandwich

Who doesn’t like avocado? Typically I have always used to make guacamole but this time I decided to put in my sandwich.

What you need?
1 Avocado
1 small tomato
3-4 basil leaves
Feta cheese
Green mint chutney
Red chilli flakes

Avocados can be mashed, cut in into cubes or sliced whatever you prefer
For my recipe I mashed the avocado’s and added a little salt and red chili flakes.
Apply butter and green mint chutney on the bread.
Add a layer of avocado followed by slices of tomato and basil leaves and finally feta cheese.
Place a slice of bread on top.
If you prefer hot sandwich grill it and if cold just grab a bite.

Serve with ketchup, chips and soup.

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