Dum Aloo - Restaurant Style

6-8 Baby potato
2 medium sized Onions
3-4 pieces of garlic
Small piece of ginger
4 pieces of cashew
4 pieces of almonds
3 medium sized tomatoes
2 scoops of tomato paste
Garam masala
Coriander powder
Red chili powder
Cinnamon stick – half
Bay leaves -2
Cardamom powder approx. 2-3 pinches
Lemon juice
Cream or sour cream – 2 spoons
Coriander leaves

Soak total of 6-8 pieces of almonds and cashews overnight in water.
Peel the skin of the almonds and make a paste of almonds and cashews in the blender.
In a pan bring water to boil, add big pieces of onions. Cook this for about 5 minutes.
Remove the onions and make a paste in the blender.
In pan heat oil, add bay leaves and cinnamon sticks.
Add the onion paste, garlic and ginger paste and start cooking till it starts turning brown.
Add the almond-cashew paste and cook till the paste begins to turn a little brown.
In another pan bring water to boil and add baby potatoes. Make sure the potatoes are cooked well.
Once the potatoes are cooked cool them and with a toothpick make few holes for the gravy to seep in.
Crush tomatoes and make a puree, add this tomato puree to the onion-garlic-ginger paste followed by some concentrated tomato paste.
Add coriander powder, garam masala, red chilli powder, cardamom powder, salt, lemon juice.
If the gravy is too thick add a cup of water and cook for some time.
Add the cooked baby potatoes to this gravy.
Cook this on a low flame for atleast 15 minutes so the gravy starts seeping in the potatoes.
Add 2 spoons of cream (sour cream or freshly made cream).
Finally add some freshly chopped coriander and decorate with some cream.

Dum aloo is ready to be served with hot parathas and/or rice.
Try making this dish few hours ahead of serving time for the flavors to really blend in the potato.

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